Data Center/Operations Office

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  2. Data Center/Operations Office

Data Center

  • Director: Haruhiko Fukuda
  • Vice Director: Taro Shibata
  • Advisor: Seiichiro Yamamoto

The JCOG Data Center is located in the National Cancer Center, Tokyo. The Data Center conducts quality control of all of JCOG studies to assure the reliability of results. Its tasks are patient registration, study progress monitoring, data management, data analysis, and so on. The Data Center oversees approximately 50 trials open to accrual and 40 trials on follow-up, and aims for the highest standards in terms of honesty and trustworthy.

Data Management Section

  • Patient Registration
  • Data Collection
  • Data Entry/Check
  • Central Monitoring
  • Case Report Form Development
  • Investigator Roster Management
  • Support of Protocol Development and Manuscript Drafting

Statistical Section

  • Study Design
  • Data Analysis
  • Interpretation of Study Result
  • Support of Protocol Development and Manuscript Drafting

Computing Section

  • Database Administration
  • Network Maintenance
  • Patient Registration System Maintenance

General affairs Section

Operations Office

  • Director: Hiroshi Katayama

The JCOG Operations Office is located in the National Cancer Center, Tokyo. The Operations Office streamlines the JCOG study process through protocol development, manuscript drafting support, site visit audits, and various problem-solving tasks during study periods. Several full-time medical doctors and non-physician staff members are engaged in supporting all of the JCOG studies.

Study Coordinating Section

  • Protocol Development
  • Manuscript Drafting Support
  • IND Trial Coordination
  • Coordination of trials under Advanced Medical Care System
  • Project Management
  • Educational Activities
  • Support for JCOG Biobankt
  • Intramural Research

Operation Section

  • Project Management
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Public Relations
  • Communication Support
  • Budget Management

Quality Assurance Section

  • Site Visit Audit
  • Adverse Event Reporting Desk
  • Support of Committee Activities